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Church Constitution

Starting in the Summer of 2015, a Constitution Committee was formed to update our Constitution. We are planning to have it approved soon. Printed copies will be available, but in the meantime, Church Members are encouraged to review these PDFs so we can save paper. The ELCA Congregational Audit Guide is referenced in this proposed constitution, and has also been linked below.


📎 ELCA Congregational Audit Guide.pdf


Faith Lutheran Church publishes weekly bulletins for Sunday Worship Services and other special occasions. These bulletins are currently only distributed on paper for the Worship Services. In the near future, for everyone’s convenience, we might start publishing our bulletins here in PDF Format.


Faith Lutheran Church publishes a monthly Newsletter. This Newsletter is currently distributed by Snail Mail to our members. Some previous newsletter articles were published online for everyone’s convenience. In the near future, we might start republishing our newsletters here in PDF Format or on a dedicated page.

Other Documents

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